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lirik lagu love – daughter


i can’t forget it, though i’ve tried
i know you regret it, love,
you told me so many times.

but i still wonder,
you left with her
and left me behind

take your hands off him
’cause he’s the only one that i
have ever loved
and please don’t find her skin
when you turn the lights out

i can’t erase it
from my mind
i just replay it, over,
think of it all the time.
but i don’t want to imagine
words you spoke to her that night.
naked bodies look like porcelain,
you both knew i’d be bleeding inside….

ooh [x2] ah [x5]

did she make your heart beat faster than i could?
did she give you what you hoped for?
oh, nights of loveless love, i hope it made you feel good,
knowing how much i adored you. [x2]

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