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lirik lagu love gets in the way – blake shelton

little by little, now babe
i’ve come a long, long way
picking up the pieces
that you threw away
did you give it up
did i let you down
either way, it doesn’t matter
cause i’m finally comin’ ’round
i hope you find where you belong
h-llo – goodbye
life goes on

in another town, in a little place
looking in the eyes of a pretty face
i ain’t no fool
i know what she’s thinkin’
i can hold her in my arms
but, i could never let her stay
cause, love
your sweet love
still gets in the way

minute by minute
i hear the voice in my heart
and make a new start
so, i think a little less
i drink a little more
cause, all in all she’s everything
that i’ve been waiting for
she smiles that smile
i face the fact
love’s a give and take thing
and i can’t give it back

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