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lirik lagu lover’s fever – david knopfler


you ask me where we’re going
so i’ll tell you, if i know
i got this breathless feeling
goin’ down on her slow
she thinks, “now here’s a proposition”
pours her body from the car
laughin’ just like children
i guess things could’ve gone too far
she had lover’s fever
i was feelin’ sicker than you’d know
when you got the fever
you’ll go down down slow
so you found another lover
it’s as naked as a deal
one as pretty as the other
still remember how that feels?
if you get lover’s fever
it may go deeper than you know
when you got the fever
you’re swallowed down whole

i don’t know what time you’re leavin’
(don’t even know if you will show!)
so who am i deceivin’?
i guess that only you could know
if you got lover’s fever, a sickness of the soul
when you got lover’s fever
you go down on her . . . down on her
you go down on her real slow