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lirik lagu macmilitant (theodore long) – miestro


you know it’s the mack militant
(comin to get it on)
uh, uh-uh

yeah hey, get out of my way
i’m comin with thunder and lightning
and striking i’m inviting all you to the storm

feel the pain that i try to contain
my heart is as black as the blood in my veins
and i’m comin to get it on

aiyyo i, break and smash, and straight whip -ss
i can see the fear in your eyes every time that i p-ss
i’m intimidatin to most, and feared by many
but don’t tempt me! i’ll leave the place empty
simply, you get me? i’m low-down gritty and shifty
i mow down people against me
even the best be afraid, cause i approach it aggressively
especially, when they roll up and test me, yo it’s over!
i’m a, disciplined, militant mind slash tyrant
if you, look for a style like mine, you can’t find it
call me the m to the a-c-k
i break rules if you wanna come and make my day
now say

[chorus x2]

you know it’s the mack militant, uhh
you know it’s the mack militant, uh uh-uh

yo listen, i got a dream like, martin luther like
malcolm x by any means necessary strike
for the jugular so, that they remember ya
everytime i step in the room i raise the temperature
i was meant for the crown and i ain’t layin it down
and i ain’t waitin around, i’m invading your town
i’m the black soldier, the mack will attack most ya
cause i lack composure and act like i’m not supposed ta
it’ll take a army to stop me, or haven’t you seen
the size of these arms and how i’m built so stocky
what? built so stocky, uh, you can’t top me

so you better watch your back, i’m comin and i’m ready for war
i’m ready to die
i’m a giant, a beast, and i’m tryin to eat
survivin the streets for my militans while we sing this

ohhh-ohh-oh, ohhh-ohh-ohhhhh
ohhh-ohh-oh, ohhh-ohh-ohhhhh
ohhh-ohh-oh, ohhh-ohh-ohhhhh (just sing it for me baby)
ohhh-ohh-oh, ohhh-ohh-ohhhhh (yeahhhhh..)
ohhh-ohh-oh, ohhh-ohh-ohhhhh (can you feel me lord)
ohhh-ohh-oh, ohhh-ohh-ohhhhh
ohhh-ohh-oh, ohhh-ohh-ohhhhh (can you feel me now)
ohhh-ohh-oh, ohhh-ohh-ohhhhh (can i get a witness)

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