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lirik lagu make money – gerald walker


i use to get starch magazine
what was the ‘when i ‘up in the sea
go home and drink ‘
‘little n-gg-s’

i was try to make money, make money
cuz when my pocket goes to empty ‘

and start sugar into empty

make oney, make money
so get your money and ngga don’t be surprise
..stop acting funny

make money, money, …
make money, money
i said make money, money
take money, money
don’t stop getting, getting,
watch it i tell you how

you ’bout explore ‘

..take you to a ‘

that’s only one way we can settle this
come through and show you’

i’m a proof, i deserve don’t matter where to go
if you know me /’
i’m sick’
i use to disrespect my kid every day got’
like i know i should be home ‘
so if you see way i can ‘
that will leave you as grows

what a real n-gg- ‘
this n-gg-‘s’you’re the queen type’
‘not to be a team but just try to get the queen type
you know what i mean
‘.i’mma young and ‘
but what make an exception, i only want a women
cuz when im not saving the world, girl i’mma be right next to you