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lirik lagu make you dance – allfrumtha-i

flossin through my city in a coupe
you see the indo locked my brain and sippin 80 [?]
today i gots to get loose
i mash the gas on that -ss
so when i [?] i crash the roof
[?] on my menue, i’m lowridin, westsidin ’cause that’s the sh-t i’m into
i never f-cked wit the phonies
i keep my shot to the real, never hooker over homie
[catch your dime and dollar?], i can make you hollar
girls break they necks when i’m in it in impala
i like they [can at they pants?]
girls wit the big ol’ b-tts, i can make you dance

i can make you dance, i can make you dance, baby
i can make you dance if you want me to
i can make you dance, i can make you dance, baby, baby
i can make you dance if you want me to

now westside connect is the sh-t
and can’t none of why’all n-gg-s get wit it
and if you think that we clubbin
f-ck all the [thuggin?]
we got to [pull file?], come on

it’s binky mack, so throw up the w when you see me
allfrumthai representin i-n-kizee
don’t flexin, [?] tell me who ya testin
connect got my back plus i got the checkin
representin it to the fullest
so a [follow?] me [?] affiliate
levi’s and wallabees
in the coupe wit my cousin [soup?] as we parlay
sippin on some orange juice that’s mixed wit the tanqueray
trickin, never let, n-gg-, i’m a og, hoe
westside connect wit the rips and the be -dogs
it’s all good wit the tracks that i’m in [?]
gangstas straight boogie but i want why’all hoes dancin’


well, the party didn’t started till i walked in
and i probably won’t leave the [v-?] end
so in the meantime i stays to the grind
so you sell yo work and i sell mine
wit the [world of?] cream, we can all have green
i got the bomb hemp [beat?]
sellin sack for a [?]
blue and red wavin money and it’s strange to me
’cause everybody in the house screamin dub-s-see
since gangstas don’t dance, i get my boogie on
[?] a few b-tches and sell a few phones
so the weed all [grown?] and everybody [blazin one?]
[?] and her cousin jockin a few dozen
my n-gg- bink and squeak will lock the be in
when we left throwin dub high in the sky
it’s the n-gg- mack 10 wit allfrumthai


mack 10 and allfrumthai
dub-s-see-g till the day we die

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