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lirik lagu mama sang a song – stan kenton

god put a song
in the heart of an angel
and softly, she sang it to me

i get to thinking lots of times
about back when i was a lad
of the old homeplace
where i growed up
of the days, both good and bad

my overalls was hand me downs
my shoes was full of holes
and i used to walk four miles
to school every day
through the rain and
the sleet and the cold

i’ve seen the nights
when my daddy would cry
for the things that his
family would need
but all he ever got
was a badland farm and
seven hungry mouths to feed

and yet, and yet our
home fire never flickered once
’cause when all these
things went wrong
mama took the hymn book down
and mama sang a song

i guess the house is still standing
i don’t get back much no more
no voice is left to fill them halls
and no steps to grace the floor

you see
my mama sings in heaven now
around god’s golden throne
but i’ll always believe
this world’s a better place
one time
my mama sang a song

precious memories fill my soul

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