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lirik lagu manhattan kansas – donna fargo


manhattan, kansas
manhattan, kansas ain’t no place to have a baby
when you got no man to give it his last name
and my folks back in manhattan didn’t want me or my bundle
so i took my child and caught an evening train.
and i found a job in denver washing dishes in a diner
at least it buys my baby milk to drink
he once told me i was pretty but the only ring it got me
was the ring of grease that runs around the sink
yes, i lay beside him gentle
‘cause he told me that he loved me
and he made me dance before the music played
but at least i didn’t beg him
i’d rather wash his dishes
‘cause it makes me feel as if my hands are clean
at night i stand here thinkin’
‘bout the man back home in kansas
and how his folks just turned away the shame
and i stare down through the soapsuds
and reached down and pull the drain plug
and i watch as manhattan drains away
(repeat chorus)
yes it makes me feel as if my hands are clean

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