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lirik lagu maniac – legendary pink dots


she’s on his mind, she’s on his wall. she’s in the
corner of his eye. she whispers sweet delerium. he
climbs inside and blushes as the crimson tide flows
and flushes him away . . . the sheets are stained;
alone again and unfulfilled. a cleaning bill. the
dream was killed before he kissed her–now he’s
cursing the alarm. but she teases from the t.v.–
spreas her legs in magazines. she steams his
collar, she dusts his shelf, she cuts his hair. she’s
never there . . . there’s just the letter one-way while
the ansaphone says “no way!” but he’ll search and
he’ll find her even if he has to tie her down . . . (he’d
kiss the ground she walks on . . .)

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