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lirik lagu marigot bay – arabesque

written by jean frankfurter (music)
and john moering (lyrics)
each night i dream
the same old dream
i cannot forget it seems
the beach where i found you
where i lost you too
i see the strand
the silv’ry sand
we are going hand in hand
like we used to do
like we used to do
– marigot bay
paradise of the blue lagoon
tell me, why you are haunting me
by night and by day
marigot bay
paradise of the blue lagoon
where my heart was all aflame
i will never forget your name
oh, marigot bay
you said to me:
you must believe
darling that i’ve never been
so in love before
so in love before
our love was strong
that nights were long
but one morning you were gone
gone for ever more
gone for ever more
– (repeat 2 times and fade)

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