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lirik lagu mark it up – paris hilton

(with bill moseley, ogre)

[background:] mark it up [x4]

[amber:] where the f-ck is dad, brothers?

[luigi:] he left me in charge, sister!

[both (a/l):] i don’t take lip from a

[luigi:] sl-t!

[amber:] cunt!

[pavi:] my brother and sister should f-ck!

[luigi:] pavi! shut the f-ck up!

i’m the smartest and the toughest!
i will find a hole and f-ck it!
if there ain’t one, i will make one!
luigi don’t take sh-t from no one!
one brain, mark it up!
only i got brains enough!
that’s why pop will leave geneco to me~
me, me, me, me, me, me!

[pavi:] ha!

ask a gentern who they prefer,
10 out of 9 will say the pavi!
the most dashing, pantie-sn-tching!
i will leave your diapers dripping!
two hearts, mark it up!
pavi steals all of the hearts!

[luigi:] you ain’t got the guts, brother!

[pavi:] all bark, but no lungs, brother!

[both (p/l):] dad will leave geneco to me!

you wait! time will tell!
pavi’s face will woo them all! (luigi’s fists will rule you! )
when i inherit papa’s stuff, (when i inherit all dad’s stuff)
take dad’s will and mark you out! (take dad’s will and write you out! )
take my cut and mark it up!
mark it up, mark it up!

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