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lirik lagu matador – pupil


do come and see
we’ve made a fire
to drown your polar eyes in
we’ll sail away
on golden ships

across the new horizon
now everyone
they stop and stare
to catch the demons in your hair
don’t let them bleed
your innocence
try to prescribe your fashion sense
make me jump from station, to station
all the rest are just pale imitations
just how throw it out
or plug it in
and let the wired dj spin
the carousel
it comes and goes
where it stops n-body knows
war is h-ll
war is cold
no matter what the future holds
boys and girls
let’s go for a ride
love’s a form of suicie
just let them be
and follow me, its easy as
one, two, three
make me jump from station, to station
you move me like no other
and all the rest are just pale imitations
we could be like no other
do come and see
tonight could last forever
i want to be left all alone
on my own to write her song
i’m running away from this paradise
before i tell truth of my lies
my children shall blow the kiss of death
to you i bestow my last breath
before the end draws near
i leave you with my fear
a place to hide
a place for realizing
what ca i be?
do come and see