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lirik lagu meat – logan lynn

if you need someone to pray for
get down on your knees and ask your god to forgive you
for what you have done to me
this mistake you have made
but don’t you dare mention my name
don’t you dare pray for me
you little sh-t
i can barely stomache the thought of it
because my mind is full of black feeling and angry thought
said my mind is full of black feeling
i’m wishing terror for the two of you
hoping curses for you and your family
like maybe you will both catch herpes from a toilet seat
or choke on one another’s hood f-cking river meat
that god might forsake you
leave you lonely as i am
that your children will have fins, gills and webbed feet
i know it sounds silly but it’s keeping me smiling
to visualize vindication┬┤
following my unfortunate victimization
i don’t feel any sense of liberation
so if you need justification to put your mind at ease
don’t look to me
said don’t f-cking look to me
i don’t think jesus would’ve f-cked me over so thoroughly
you’re no shining example of christianity
may you never sleep through the night again knowing that
may you never find peace in your cold bed
may you double over and die from the pain of it
when you decide it’s time to miss me…

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