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lirik lagu memories of a lyliac dawn act iii – epica and the bliss – eternal dream


the sun shines
shines on us
as we shall waken
on this world
as the saviours, messiahs
two halves of the same apple
king of the seas
and now of the world
son of him
the god of fire
and the queen
the queen of us all
unite for the rebirth
this is forever
now eternally
time to free us all
as you now see me
for naryll just believe in us
join our odyssey
we are percivhal and allesiah
beast and rose now rose and hero
beyond the horizon, beyond the looking gl-ss
epica falls through the great bliss
for our homes
our lives
our world
that will fall no more
in dark malice
with help from the gods
i look at you
in this beautiful dawn
this strange abstract light
shows our love so bright
never shall we go
back to our dark past
run away from here
to be forever near
the time has come
justice has called out
free this world from sin
from the darkness grin
never shall we fall
nothing will hold us
awaken us all
for once and for all
in the time of perfect light, of perfect might
the lyliac dawn
and thus this chapter ends
as we’ll be forever one