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lirik lagu menstrual dismemberment – cenotaph


psycho realm perspective of disintegration of body
forensic scenes through asphyxiation of dead body
decomposition of putrid m-ss
life fuction organs stabbed multible times
miss the vital functions
loss of life, dissolution, departure
t-ts covered with infectious s-m-n
raped tortured and abused
abdominal hysterectomy occured mangled bowels scattered
on the floor
infliction of severe physical pain
loathsome m-ss of carnal diaerhoea, mucous, blood, and
psychopathically insane murdered half rotten remains of
burned blonde hairs sticked on mutilated crashed face
pus fluid drained throught head
destruction of soft tissues by bacterias
stench of b-st–l human condition
perspective vision of defilement
maggotization started after four days dying
unrecognizable identification of dead woman
dead reports of coroner
criminalits collecting evidence at the crime scene
starting the medical examination of a deceased body
autopsy room ready to determine cause of butchery
autopsy and crime scene reports released
she had several lacerations on her body
steak knife found inside the bathtub near naked body
blood splattter was all over the room
report of cause of dead
multiple lacerations and incised wounds to neck and
left forearm
brutally head crash and beaten and raped till dead