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lirik lagu menthol – logan lynn


from me
the life we have built
the pain you’ve caused
and the child
who might have been
if it weren’t for you
if it weren’t for you

it wasn’t your hand you used
to wipe away my innocence
with nothing left to say
or to disguise
had i known i could not run from you
i would not have tried

in time
i could forgive you
or maybe not
i would like to say “i love you”
but i do not
i do not

if satan scared me half as bad as you
these past few weeks
i’d already have gone running back to god
i have tried my best
i am sorry if i failed you just like him

oh my god
i feel the heat
on my skin
and this f-cking blood
from my head
is burning my eyes
it’s burning my eyes

but i will not cry
i will not cry