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lirik lagu midnight creature feature picture show – abby normal


were getting dressed up for a good time
got your ticket? well i got mine
grab your girl and let’s ditch this place
it’s time to leave the human race
guys and ghouls will gather round
smell-o-rama and stereo sound
raise the curtain just pull the cord
get lost in the graveyard boulevard

d-mn it janet what’s wrong?
monster movies playing all night long
d-mn it janet let’s go to the
midnight creature feature picture show

dead come alive on the silver screen
a psycho slips into your dreams
carnivores feast on their meat
just like candy & trick or treat
psycho slasher is about to start
he’ll carve his way into your heart
alien invaders from outer sp-ce
monsters on the loose in any case

night stalking killer is a basket case
disappears without a trace
he’s got a way of making girls drool
he ties them up until there skin turns blue
rotting zombies and slimy sluggs
giant spiders and atomic bugs
well the end is a mystery
this is the place that i want to be