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lirik lagu mind on your music – slightly stoopid

keep your mind on your music
so n-body can refuse it
i said a little bit of rhythm and a little of soul
and a reason for the mind control
come on and

and heres a story how we started
you know we wasn’t really brothers but we was cause we grew up just right
across the street we causin trouble
but just as much as any other kid we knew if he was growin up right
but then you know we would learn what is in store
so when we grabbed a couple guitars and they showed us some chords

don’t you know that music is the way you keepin your all
six strings from the fact that were ready to roll

[chorus x2]

the things that were once lost have seem to find their way
it seems like we’ve been through this every day
(well you better discover)
that it moves right through you slowly
its hard to see what kind of end you’ll be holding
just as long as we do what we know we can do
well then we listen what happens to you

[chorus x4]

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