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lirik lagu mind ya business – webbie

(feat. big head)

hey, i need another plate n-gg-, f-ck

im a get seconds, then im a get thirds, then im a get fourths, then im a get fifths, im a keep on eating.

n-gg-s posted on they block
nose way around the corner
sniffin nutz around here
man, you stay way around the corner
you been yapping like a hoe
that’s what say around the corner
if you know it like i know
you better stay around the corner
i don’t know sh-t about no murder
i was way in california
with bun b ridin dirty
smoking purple all that morning
i don’t know sh-t about no robbery
throwing the wrong charges on me
i was chillin wit yo wife
while you was flightin, an she was lonely
all that p-ssy azz sh-t you n-gg-s offering
i don’t want it
i don’t want to hit yo weed
and i don’t wanna be yo homie
man, let me make my cheese
get the j’s to match my jeans
go post back up in my jeans
and let ’em go for 2 for 3
you around here saying my name
and claiming i ain’t a beast
regardless of my fame
b-tch i’ll aim it up at yo cheek
before i was rhyming on a beat
i was grindin on the street
p-ssy -ss n-gg- worrying bout me
click, clak

say lil daddy, listen mind ya business
you just like one of these lil b-tches, mind ya business
being nosey, you your sickening, mind ya business
ole police -ss n-gg-, mind ya business

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