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lirik lagu mirage – aura noir

and i ask so much i wanna say it’s my fault i made it (this way)
pushing you (away) from me

and the day spins, i know i see your face
but i’m trippin’ cause you back the other way
don’t wanna believe that it’s a figment of my imagination

baby i’m lost without ya,
all i mean is miss, i can’t live without ya
everywhere i look i see you
but it’s not you
is this a mirage i’m runnin’ to
mirage i’m runnin’ to

i’m stranded in the middle of a mistake
wish i can rewrite the moments that went down of that day
i’m so far, from home
i can’t change the past
no matter which way, i go
and no turning back (turnin’ back)

and your absence is just too much to take
and i thought that i’d just might be replaced
so i’m seein’ illusions
to keep me from losing my mind

girl, if, i had the chance to change
by the sins that i had made
i’ll make it better (oh)
holdin’ on to what we had
still together in my head (oh, oh)

oh, is a mirage i’m runnin’ to
oh ah, just a mirage i’m runnin’ to
oh, is a mirage i’m runnin’ to, runnin’ to, runnin’ to, runnin’ to

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