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lirik lagu mirages – andromeda

i could have pushed you out that day
that would have been the easy way
watch you fly down that hundred meter fall
i wouldn’t care at all

falling, falling, drowning
inhaling and you’re screaming
screaming… pleading don’t go

mirages – as i hurt you in my mind
as the memories unwind
mirages – as you led me to believe
in things that only you conceive

why do you play that vicious game
i ask myself most every day
so high, that hundred meter fall
i turn around and there you are

falling, falling, drowning
inhaling and i’m screaming
screaming… pleading… bleeding

victoria falls were much too real
it’s beauty false though now i see
please try to explain
what was the aim, what was the gain
no matter how i try to wash it off
the stains remain

(we are gathered here today
to say our last farewells
we fell so hard down that hundred meter fall
now – only stains of us remain)

mirages – as you twisted with my mind
as you told me i was blind
mirages – well constructed to deceive
the trusty and naive
mirages – as you offered no reprieve
from the h-ll you had achieved
mirages – as i finally could see
that there was nothing to conceive

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