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lirik lagu missday – corporate life


am i so incomplete that
a silhouette is my reflection?

you won’t envision your own
downward spiral of another wasted night

all i ever hope for
is understanding
not self destruction (and)
dogmatic living

vast consumption, blind to mind degeneration
fade to black inside a sh-ll you’ve made yourself

build facades to hide the lies you tell yourself (to)
justify the anger just below the surface

yet these childish words and defamation of my
choice to live without your sick addictions

fall before me like a list of accusations,
why should i forsake the voice inside my head?

so sick of all the violence!
i see you glorifying!
it isn’t what we’re made of!
so why should i embrace it!

end our self-division!
erase all the borders!
no one is beneath you!
check your f-cking ego!