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lirik lagu mission 1 avoid job working with assholes – atom & his package

-sshole. that’s your code name. don’t bother with a disquise; we know that you’re the same. you’re muscle-y and beefy (oh yeah), my mouth is spent. you celebrate mardi gras, but don’t pay attention to lent. i scan the back of the alumni magizines for opc’s. i patiently await your name on the oh-be-2-are-ees. i admit that i seethe when those i’m hating succeed, but there is still laughter at thee. ha ha hee hee hee. hit men. that’s an order. to avoid a job with the -ssholes, to am-ss ad time for the superbowl, to avoid a job with the -ssholes, these are ambitions. goals! goals! are you feeling faint from that man kissing a man? p-ss out! i wish your body were taller and the ground a little sharper than… it is true? no woman, n-body, right? that’s why you’ll settle for a girlfriend that you don’t even like.

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