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lirik lagu mississippi boll weevil – north mississippi allstars


he sees a little boweevil
sees him movin’ in the, lordie, yeah
well, you can plant your cotton
but you won’t get a half a bale, mama, yeah

boweevil, boweevil
where’s your native home, mama, yeah?
boweevil, boweevil
where’s your native home, mama, yeah?

the next time i seen him, lord
he had his family there, mama, yeah
he sucks all your blossom and leaves
your hedges square, mama, yeah

boweevil, boweevil
won’t you treat me fair, mama, yeah?
boweevil, boweevil
got a one way ticket there, mama, yeah

goin’ down next year
gonna give karachi h-ll, mama, yeah
well, you can cage them all in
but his friends are everywhere, lordie, yeah

keep movin’, keep movin’
boweevil is already there, mama, yeah
next time he’s here
rent a package in leicester square, mama, yeah

join me in good living
and where has it been goin’, mama, yeah
start wheezing, stop breathing
and where’s this powder from, mama, yeah

go faster, go faster
man’ll beat him a hundred fold, mama, yeah

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