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lirik lagu mistaken i.d. – citizen cope

there’s this lady around my way
who sees me like every other day
who swears and screams a name
she says “randy where you been?
i remember you were my best friend
me and you was in it till the end
you was like a son to me back then
you were the son that i never had
i’ve been huntin’ you down man
i’ll let you know about my foolproof plan
we can get a crew like we once had
and run from town to town
we’ll never ever be found
say randy how’s that sound?
when i was down
you were always around, i’m so glad
that i finally found you”

mistaken me
it seems like you’ve mistaken me
see you’ve mistaken me
it seems like you’ve mistaken me, taken me

say lady if i seem a way
if my enthusiasm ain’t the same
it’s just that randy ain’t my name
but i tell you this most every day
there’s nothing i can say
to change the way
you’re thinking about me
try but you refuse to hear
even when i’m walking with my lady
you say “how you doing baby
i like your new girlfriend
you’ve always attracted them princesses”
i wish i could pretend
i pray you find your friend
and all she said in the end
is “randy where you been?”

[repeat verse 1]

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