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lirik lagu mistress of evil – exciter

she’s a killer, she’s out to get you
you’re a victim – her prey
she’s got a deal with the devil
to sacrifice the lives that live forever
searchin for a virgin
blood thirsty l-st takes over control
terror, you yearn to flee
from the grip of her tyranny

we touched the sky
we never lived to wonder why
she came from h-ll to burn the sky
she came from h-ll to see us die – ya die

mistress of evil
mistress of evil
she’s comin to take you away

her shadow surrounds you
as you fall into her venomous clutch
chained up in darkness you never thought
of death could hurt this much
her feel and fiery breath,
her blackness brings at last your final day
four shoots from her fingers,
there in a pool of blood you lay

and there she stands in her skeletal shape
she cannot win what she cannot take
but she took your soul against your will
and she’ll be back again to kill !!

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