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lirik lagu mixed up world – sophie ellis bextor

i’m feeling all messed up
i have a voice inside my head it says turn to the left then it says turn to the right
don’t want to bring you down
but i am really needing guidance now
what would you do within my shoes
(don’t cry) i’m going crazy
(stay high) i’ve never felt so low
(don’t hide) i want to turn and run
we’ve got to find a place to go

so when you’re feeling kind of mixed up
just remember it’s a mixed up world
and when you’re feeing life is just too tough
just remember you’re a real tough girl

i look around my life
and all i see is contradiction and a lack of faith
cynicism rules the day
i know it has it’s place
but i am really needing guidance now
reminding me i’m strong inside

(don’t cry) i know you love me
(stay high) and we’ll make it through this time
(don’t hide) i want to feel the sun
we’ve got to start to take control

(why) do i feel this pain
(why) has this world gone insane

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