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lirik lagu moment 4 life (freestyle) – chipmunk

“moment 4 life (freestyle)”

it’s been a good time
i got a good team
good friends
good family
good food
good drink
good life man

it could be worse
that’s what i tell myself everyday
it could be a lot worse

(ah) and what i tell a sket: head, head, head
now drop down to your knees
chain ain’t enough, baby slurp me till i freeze
v-neck t, inky arm sleeve
superstar sh-t, i am not an mc

yeah, i came for the cream
me, i want the whole film
give a f-ck for the scene
it’s only broke pr-cks that mention and pre
it’s only in their neck gas and they want it with me
(yeah, ah)

i’m back on my ting, my new vids wire
girls back on my d-ck
oi, what, you can’t stand me cah i’m taking the mick?
i got some urine for your face
taking the p-ss

i’m just living out my dreams kid
the other night i was kissing up my dream chick
i hit the show room checking out my dream whip
so when i get my licence you know that’s me, kid

(oooh, mmm)
i’m loving the game
it’s good to know a lambo isn’t outta my range
so if i buy both just to rub it in your face
swag, swag, swag
the haters will hate

20 now, i’m on my grown stuff
new hits i ain’t living off my old buzz
i got a old ting saying i look grown up
i ain’t got a beard, it must be the dough love

straight swishes no roach ’cause
skeppy came with the crust, i put my throat up
north side, yes, everybody knows us
and we put over the cities and they show love

i do it big, yo!
att-tude stinks but my sh-t don’t
i used to be in h-rnsley doin’ kick ups in the road
now the world’s at my feet, i do kick ups with the globe
can’t wait for the day when i’m filthy rich
flow young gunner, jack wilshere tip

90’s baby and i’m repping
gimme 10 years and i’ll be a legend

that i could have this moment for life, for life, for life
this is my moment, i just feel so alive, alive, alive

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