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lirik lagu money money money – meryl streep


i work all night, i work all day
to pay the bills i have to pay.
(aint it sad)
and still there never seems to be a single penny left for me (thats too bad)
in my dreams i have a plan
if i got me a wealthy man.
i wouldnt have to work at all.
i’d fool around and have a ball!

money, money, money
must be funny
in a rich mans world.
money, money, money
always sunny
in a rich mans world
ohh, ohhhhhhh.
all the things i could do
if i had a little money.
its a rich mans world.
its a rich mans world.

christine: a man like that is hard to find
meryl: but i cant get him off my mind
(aint it sad)
and if he happens to be free
i bet he wouldn’t fancy me
(thats too bad)
so i must leave and have to go
to las vegas or monaco
and if i afford to win a game,
my life would never be the same.

[chorus] x2