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lirik lagu more than a title – aj rafael

i was suppose to be happy today, well it was the night as i expected
i saw you after couple of days, somethings there but it feels like we just left it
gone to church two times a day and we hung out just like i imagined
something was missing and i know what it is
there’s a hole in my heart can u feel it?

will you be my girlfriend, swear i’ll treat you right
wanna be there for you everyday and every night
will you be my girlfriend, i wanna be the one
you come to every time that you’re down

talk to you like every night
i’m loving every millisecond of it
i see you almost everyday i hate when we’re separated
i tell you you look pretty today
and you reply by saying that i’m stupid
i know that you’re just showing that you care and you’re just afraid to show me

yes i’ll be your girlfriend swear i’ll treat you right
promise i will love you everyday and every night
yes i’ll be your girlfriend, let me be the one
to be your moon, your stars, your sun

and i know it’s kinda crazy, but i hope that you can be with me
to take a chance for a lil bit of romance
and i’ll take you on a magic carpet ride…

(repeat both chorus intercepting each other,
repeating heidi’s 2nd chorus with raf’s background vocals 2x)

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