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lirik lagu more than it seems – kutless

is my imagination running away or is all this really happening to me?
am i a prince in a far-away land filled with fantasy?

where is reality and what are the actions that will define who i am?
i am holding on to the visions i’ve seen of what i could be
it’s what i should be

more than it seems these dreams inside blur reality’s line
if i could believe the dreams aside, i am capable more than it seems

more than it seems

p-ssing through darkness into my own world
will i be more than when i left, be more than when i left?
never letting go of the lessons i’ve learned, this will make a change
a change within me


this time i won’t run away
i found the strength to face life’s long days
this time i won’t run away

[chorus twice]

’til there’s nothing left of me
show me the way to these dreams

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