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lirik lagu morning’s a peach (come back to bed) – anya marina

morning’s a peach
night is a pitbull
either way i get a bite
my car reports to work at eight
my heart is several hours late

i can’t keep up with the lovers on the street
i get my sunshine from the glow of my tv
i hear a waterfall is br-mm-ng in my eyes
you think i’m prettier, prettier when i cry
oh me, oh my … come back to bed

leave me alone
or get me some action
either way somethin’ ain’t right

i can’t keep up with singles on the scene
i get my kicks from a long-gone lonesome dream
i saw a waterfall was br-mm-ng in your eyes
you’re almost prettier, prettier when you lie…
oh me, oh my … come back to bed
la la la la la …
i say i’m prettier and you’re prettier when you’re mine
oh me, oh my…come back to bed

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