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lirik lagu mother’s day – saint alvia


you don’t want this to affect me and i don’t want it
the worrisome becomes, the worrier
i’d change, but it’s just my att-tude,
you raised me,
to never look away,
i’ve been the prodigal the delinquent,
the blackest sheep the f-ck up,
the hero the one that you’ve put to sleep,
where the h-ll would i be without you,
my rock my home and my best friend,
i swear, that i’m your biggest fan

and i missed my share of mothers day,
there’s no excuse god i’m ashamed to say,

i’m not crazy and i feel because of you,
i had the strength, to face all i have braved,
when i’m weak and tired, i turned to you,
you’ve always known just what to say,

we’ve been to h-ll and back as a family,
you deflected all they through at me,
we’ve laughed in pain and cried when we’re happy,

and i miss my share of mothers days,
there’s no excuse god i’m ashamed to say

i’ve been down this road too many times just to fake a
and proudly turn away

happy mothers day

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