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lirik lagu mountain battle songs – and you will know us by the trail of dead


in the summer of that year we moved a man down from the hard land
a body’s worth the time fore get to war to try
and in the valleys of the tribes it formed a secret alliance
land mudded, our general rolled disease across the rhine

long live the emperor

it calls down the valley through the force and the distance
incoming from all sides, we heard the call of savage cries
and as the sun set that night we knew we lead the resistance
but we didn’t know the way the sun’s whirl we’re gonna die

follow the emperor
follow the emperor

i want your eyes to tell me all, my love – undying
and in before all this talk, we mow the world out the way
and i think these are lions of greek fallen angels
the time for what you believe in, i go get paid

down with the emperor
down with the emperor
down with the emperor
down with the emperor