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lirik lagu move right now – drag-on


uhh, yeah yeah yeah
yo yo, come on
come on eve, swizz beats
drag-on baby

[chorus swizz]4x
we want y’all to move right now

break ’em down
put ’em up
shake ’em down
pat ’em down
then bat ’em down
get the gun
gat ’em down
get the rope tie ’em up
strike a match lite ’em up
then fly ’em up to the spot a pile of dust
get the chips stack ’em up bag a b-tch dig her out
then kick ’em out let dogs sick ’em out
all i do is tell ’em get the tissue
i only f-ck wit chicks that suck nuts out of pickles
you want problems? well i’ll solve ’em and make examples
i love bustin out crowds so all people get trampled
spit crowds wit the 4-5
like when moses split the tide
those that froze chose to die
stay higher than a h-llo, how you doin?
burn the rubber till the tires ruin
burn a coat of fire human
cause this drag
burnin like the grits on al green’s back
causin a switch rock


hold on dog
who want some of this, gun right here
all y’all clown n-gg-s put your hands in the air
is it you over there? is it you over there?
is it you, is it you, is it you right there?
n-gg-, this ain’t that sh-t that you used to bounce to
this that thing that you smoke a ounce to
i’m gonna do it, even without you
i pop all them clown n-gg-s around you
this for my playas that’s swingin the 4-4
wildin out, bustin at po-po
comin over here, you got to go yo
y’all think y’all got beats it’s so so
swizz fallen off, n-gg- that’s oh no
y’all remain let the dogs go
listen y’all i stick in the streets like cleetes
y’all n-gg-s know swizz beats uhh


yo, yo ,yo
n-gg- pack up, watch a pro player get her stack up
cowards in my way any second then he plaqued up
dogs all behind me roll out, section racked up
simple situation blown away cause you backed up
watch out now know you heard about the ruff ryde
deaded at the door watch the floor, who the tough guy?
brick house run ’em down knwo what we about shut ’em down
keep these n-gg-s like “here she comin now”
yo in public yo i’m evil
f-ck wit only people that i know that’s my peoples
the fake sh-t i see through
hated just to be you cause f-ggots is lame
get f-cked say “gettin f-cked” n-gg- why change?
it’s anotha that was sweet takin out
anotha that i peep fakin out
tryin to take the easy route
a yo look i hold it down got my back while we ride
it’s over for you fake -ss b-tches come on and hide