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lirik lagu movin’ in your chucks – xzibit

(feat. kurupt, too $hort)

mov-mov-mov-mov-movin in your chucks

[too $hort]
we come through extra whylin
and y’all love it, who don’t like s-x & violence
you got a camera phone, send a picture and a text
fiends want dough, tricks want s-x
b-tches want d-ck, pimps want a grip
motherf-ckers wanna know, when you gon’ slip
man you rich, you still kick it in the hood?
sellin c-ke, and f-ckin b-tches real good?
don’t let ’em fool ya, these b-tches ain’t innocent
they’ll change the game and make the gangsters start pimpin women
he don’t want her, she’s just a decoy
you’ve gotta use her, you know hoes love the d-boy
so let ’em do ya, put them hookers to work
you want to save the hoe, so he took her to church
these b-tches slangin, lootin, hookin, recruitin
work the credit cards, stealin, cookin, shootin

[chorus: too $hort – repeat 4x]
to all my pimps (sli-sli-sli-slidin in your gators)
and all my gangsters (gangsters movin-movin in your chucks)

[$hort] beotch!
(mov-mov-mov-mov-movin in your chucks)

have you ever seen fluent flow..
well this is how you do it though..
man i don’t give a f-ck..
f-ck it, how i ride slide in the bucket
trip, i told this n-gg- to hold his b-tch
come equipped but don’t trip, n-gg- mold his b-tch
the b-tch bomb, i think he in posession of mine
cause the b-tch is tryin to put my d-ck on top of her mind
i’m too g’d up to play games with bustaz
got somethin to start trippin n-gg-z lanes and bustin
i’m gotti motherf-cker, chucks and t’s
nickels and semi-automatic ninas and beams
i don’t really give a f-ck about your hood my n-gg-
i’m just tryin to make all bad good my n-gg-
got gators for the pimpin, chucks on the daily
i ain’t trippin off these busta n-gg-z b-tches gotta pay me


[$hort] yeah beotch!

always poppin that sh-t like you want to
but you don’t say a f-ckin thing when i come through (beotch!)
i call the shot and somebody gon’ touch you
but you ain’t even half a f-g, n-gg- f-ck you (ya beotch!)
always talkin ’bout what a n-gg- gon’ do
but you a hoe so n-body don’t believe you (yeah beotch!)
lightin it up for the world to see
the return of mr. x to the z, d-mn
to my n-gg-z in them cadillacs, swingin that battle axe
a million dollars every 90 days, imagine that
my habitat is black, ramsacked with heavy gats
hit a n-gg- so hard that his head gon’ touch his back
dog set it off, motherf-ck them haters
i keep on pimpin for my paper in my now or later {gators}
made my mark for my spark, terror tear you apart
you better have you some heart, comin out here after dark
if you gon’ start you must finish, n-gg- handle yo’ business
because you spoke like a menace you got sent off to the dentist
i don’t be goin back and forth like, full court tennis
we gon’ handle what we gon’ handle, have you walkin in sandals
in a hospital robe, back of yo’ body exposed
i stay in militant mode, i staple holes to your clothes
because it’s one for the hustle, two for transition
for my brothers in position still cookin in the kitchen

[chorus – 2x]

[$hort] beotch!
(mov-mov-mov-mov-movin in your chucks)

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