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lirik lagu mr. goodnight – prince

mister, mister,
love u mister

come on

call mr goodnight
he’ll make u feel alright
make u throw ur head back and holla
so nice, so nice
better not tell ur girlfriend
u can try with all ur might
just can’t keep a secret
’bout goodnight, goodnight

hey, baby, hey baby, hey, baby, sitting all alone in my courtyard
lookin’ as if u have every right
all over the world they call me prince
but u can call me mr goodnight

surely the dandies that escort u places
imparted a rumour or 2
about the parade of lovely faces
that follow me … surely they do?

what say u 2 that, lips so inviting
it’s all i can do not 2 stare
what say u 2 them, past, present and future
that u don’t care (i don’t care)

if so, u’ll be the first, and i’ll give u the keys
2 the whip of ur dreams, alright?
all over the world they call me prince (yeah)
but u can call me mr goodnight


now i don’t wanna put to u 2 sleep with a bunch of chatter
and a rap that really don’t matter
but now that u know who i am u need 2 make plans
and all ur other pennies should scatter (scatter)

a limousine about 2 pick u up
and then took u 2 a private jet (2 fine) (yeah)
and then u gonna meet a little spanish man
who will offer u wine and moet

in an hour or 2, u’ll be taken to a suite
that will rock all ur wildest dreams
and on the bed 3 dresses 2 choose 1, pick 1
then u get a call from me (ring)

tell me which dress u chose
so i can put on, put on my matching suit
all the real guys hold ur hands up
u know how mr goodnight do it


i love u baby
i don’t want n-body else

call mr goodnight (u can call him) (any time at all)
call mr goodnight (yeah, yeah, yeah) (i love u mister)

mp3: mike philly in the band like jams at midnight
before the main attraction u’ll see
slow it down somewhere here on earth
just 2 check how ur reaction be

and if ur heartbeat goes up a notch or 2
there ain’t no telling what i might do
i got a mind full of good intentions
and a mouth full of raisenets (better not tell u)

we can watch ‘chocolat’ on the big screen
before we convene in the pool (yeah)
the waterfall’ll wash ur cares away
already i love u, i do


the energy in this field’s been known to flicker lights, aye
a slip o’ me with no rest, acapella moans and a break of sighs (goodnight) (call, call)
undeterred nevertheless a masterpiece on b-tterscotch thighs (call, call)
turn off the lights, turn off the lights
it’s time for mr goodnight

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