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lirik lagu multi colored lady – gregg allman


got on a bus in memphis
destination rome
georgia ain’t no paradise
but a place i just call home

i sat next to a broken hearted bride
she was cryin’, tryin’ so hard to hide
her selfish sorrow

i tried to get her talkin’
she didn’t have much to say
she asked me for a map to death row
but i didn’t know the way

she had lost a million in the game
one look out the window
at the pine trees and the rain
it wasn’t her day

multicolored lady
you ain’t like no rainbow i’ve ever seen
multicolored lady
angry red, p-ssion blue
but mostly shades of green

midnight came and brought more rain
nothing seemed to ease her pain
the hours that we talked
seemed like minutes all in vane

i watched
as her tears kept runnin’ wide
bye and bye and bye, way back after a while
she started smilin’

multicolored lady
you ain’t like no rainbow i’ve ever known
multicolored lady
come go with me, i’ll take you to my home

oh, by the way, i’m bound for rome