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lirik lagu murder 944 – civet

and about today
killing you just to get my way
and all i thought about today
f-cking you up, just to get my

why is it i feel so knocked down?
keep calling her your girl
i keep coming round to you
lied to me with your lyrics
i read to deep, but what’s new?
i curse the day that i first saw you
oh f-ck the day i fell in love with you

i’m gonna f-cking kill her
i might as well kill you too
violence isn’t my 2nd nature
but baby i’ve got it out for you
i’m gonna killer, hey

burnt me again who gave you the right?
to break my heart & make me cry every night
you both have got it coming
you’re gonna rot in f-cking h-ll
why do bad things happen to good people
i don’t know, so i can’t tell

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