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lirik lagu my coco – stellastarr*

cool my brains and soothe my head
stimulate me my co-co-co
sneak into my empty bed
and educate me my co-co-co

in the summer in the spring
in public places my co-co-co
on an island far away
lemonade me my co-co-co

and when i was down and failing life
you can’t save me my co-co-co
and when they said i’m telling lies
you believed me my co-co-co

and through the noise i heard a song
you were singing my co-co-co
and when you said that nothings wrong
i believed you my co-co-co

but you were gone when i came through
and i remember you- first
when someday i’ll dance with you
when i’m dreaming my co-co-co

i sat alone and i didn’t care
i sat two years in the same old chair
i saw three roads and i didn’t know
which way to go-go-go

i need some help from a little love
i need some help from a little above
and you were there i’m still in love
i wont forget coco

i won’t forget you coco [x3]
i won’t forget you no no [x4]

because your my coco, your my coco, my coco
your my coco, yeah, my coco

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