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lirik lagu my heart won’t stfu – wicca phase springs eternal


i said i wasn’t going away but then i came here
so clear is the reason that i belong here
i hold back ’cause everything is in peace now
i’m at ease when everything’s in it’s place here
instead of being a part of the conversation
who is that making sounds at the gate at my house?
when i’m here and i’m only here for a weekend
do you see the dichotomy in my days yet?

you go and don’t let me in
stay awake so i hear you call, all this is wrapped in guilt
because my eye is a vessel, i keep it open
but what i see got me thinking i am a bad man
and if you wait for a second i’ll be gone
i’m alone and not alone in my bed
i’ve got a girl that only pushes away

when you speak everything you say is a secret
and i’m deprived of sympathy so i languish
you captivate with your soul and your body language
you move time when you speak in another language
do what you want, i’m never here to prevent you
still i scream and people come to surround you
i train on the heavy bags
and i’m talking to lil peep, all this is wrapped in guilt

my heart won’t shut the f-ck up from wanting her so bad
i hold back, i’m too afraid just to talk to her
i just leave her alone, and stare at my phone