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lirik lagu my name is golden – millencolin

i thought the hard times were well over now.
brighter days would come and stay.
i guess i’m just not that lucky somehow,
cause you are standing in my way.
no matter how well i do,
i know i’ll never be good enough for you.

you’d love to watch me breakdown.
you’d love to watch me go insane.
you’d love to watch me breakdown.
i am a fool and i remain the same.

my name is golden, but you call me pale.
your heart will never let me in.
i know you curse, but smile inside when i fail.
your jealousy is kept within.
no matter how good i play,
you only focus on the blunders i say.

yeah, i remain the same.
you hate me cause i’m strange,
but i remain the same and i will not change.

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