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lirik lagu my other car is the next bus – half hearted hero

here we are killing time in the backseats of our cars,
screaming out the windows.
i’m unsure of the time and i’ve no clue where we are,
but at least we’ve got the radio.
so turn it up! i want it ringing in my ears.
i can’t get enough! i want us all to stay right here.
i can’t see a thing, except the skyline flying by outside.
i don’t need a thing, i’ve never felt more complete inside.
here we are wasting time in our bas-m-nts with our friends
screaming and singing “i won’t look at the time,
i never want this to ever end with or without meaning.
don’t wake me up. i never want to leave this place!”
i can’t get enough. some memories we just can’t erase.
i can’t feel a thing, except the comfort of the sunlight.
i don’t need a thing! i’ve never felt more complete inside.
can we stay here? i don’t want to move.

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