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lirik lagu my peeps – nana


chorus: (x2)
we are on a mission
no smooth talk straight up dissin’
you tried to step to usbut your punk -ss missedbooya, nana you can’t touch this
rap verse 1 (ski):
i flip on any scrip put in front of me yo
murder n’ a vision of life ,you better keep it down low
step to me with caution ,booya the raw sh-t
ah the dan dada ,smooth t. and keep it flawless
rolls with the click ,quit the buzz show sh-t
97 booya aint havin’ it ,uh
now playas keep hatin and fakinbut we be makin figures with the dan dada huligan n-gg-
hoody sportin ,sh-t talkini could walk in any area and lyrically bury yabeat you up then carry ya
to the symmatery so i can bury ya
rap verse 2 (pappa bear):
now let me make it clear n-gg- once and for all
that is the season ,to give reason ,and make pleasin
you woman when you out on the showi’m slappin that -ss on your b-tch down low
the flow that you spoke was too d-mn original
the sh-t that you wrote was too d-mn digital
funk as vis-sion back to your mama
i know where to find ya ,here comes pappabefore you bend over put some grease on your -sscause nana’s gonna come to make a mess