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lirik lagu my tighty whiteys – spongebob squarepants

my tighty whiteys
you make my whole life worthwhile
so i start everyday with a smile
you fit like a glovey, you make me proud of you
that’s why i love you, my tighty whiteys

don’t ever fret or despair
you alone, always make a great pair
it’s high time i told you, how i love to hold you
wash, dry and fold, you’re my tighty whiteys

so cozy and comfy, so cottony and cuddly
so snug when you hug me so tight
i wonder, my out-wear, only i know you’re in there
so razzly, dazzly white

we must have been meant to be
’cause i’ve changed you and you’ve changed me
when you’re old and gray, i won’t throw you away
i’ll spend laundry day with my tighty whiteys

tighty whiteys
tighty whiteys
tighty whiteys
tighty whiteys

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