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lirik lagu my tower among the timeless mountains – evilfeast

again i took a glance at the opposite chine
where abdicating sun left its last sigh of agony
the shivering response at the lunar kingdom
the malediction to unfold myself
from the highest tower i submerge into pondering
to penetrate behind the facade
where the monstrosity arose in immemorial ages
strewed into soil of the incapacity conscience
adorned with the garment of clods pretending gems
a custom hoisted to the absurd level
of plat-tudes anyhow obscure
i stir the mountain storm to heavenly dissidence
an overthrowing winds of defiance to the usurpation
since internal repugnant antilogy
revealed between each of chain units
i depart to the earthworms’ bottom
to behold the swarm rising the temples
the fear altars to praise the lord of craft destructive
beseech not to tread while wandering
a response to ascending withdraw
into darker evilness chapel
as the journeys turn oddly mystical
either i become the old forgotten tale
spoken silently by the distant winds
in the mist-coated autumn dusk

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