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lirik lagu my way home – kareem salama

well, i learned
there’s much to learn when i yearn
when i cry
when i feel like i wanted to die
and i felt
how much memories hurt
when the years have worn on and the future’s unsure
and the world feels black and i can’t
and i can’t go back and make things right
and i’m scared that i might not make through tonight
but after a time i remember i can go back home

chorus: and i’ll keep saying the same prayers over again ’till i’m withered and gone
and i’ll keep playing the same record in my head ’tilli find my way home

well, i know
there’s much to know
as i grow from the past
like the moon comes to bloom and then fades on at last
and i know there’s a change in the season
and there’s always a change for a reason
and i handle the seasons
of my life
it was winter before, but he’s gotta go
and only god knows what tomorrow will hold
so after a time i remember i can go back home


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