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lirik lagu n-harmony – sick ol’ flow – bone thugs

“sick ol’ flow”

[bone thugs-n-harmony]
flow, flow, flow, flow, flow, flow, flow

[layzie bone]
hittin’ up the graveyard shift wid real
little will big wally and wish bone

[krazyie bone]
thug soldier soldier mo’ thug

[krazyie bone]
n-gg- the name’ll never die
no matter how mad these n-gg-s acting we gonna go clap em

[krayzie bone]
better back up off me
n-gg- never no soft your boy’ll stop your heartbeat
while you out in the street yellin out what you fittin to do to me
in the middle of your speech ima sweep you off your feet, to sleep
f-ckin with these thugs
thinkin ya’ll don’t bleed blood
ima make you a believa pop pop, what you receiva
a mothaf-ckin bullet from my automatic pistol, hit you him too,
and all the rest of them n-gg-s that you got wit ya
i’m collected and quiet
but surpise n-gg- i get lock
jumpin out of that rugged dump it
fittin to show these n-gg-s a little somethin
reppin sh-t for bone thugs, n-gg- don’t test mine to the redline
but like my bone thug n-gg-s they ball show me the light, the light
caught in the line of fire boy if you want to
and a n-gg- gon be on your -ss like skunk’s funk pew
i grab my d-ck let my nuts sw-ng from my thang
if you’s a anybody killa n-gg-, let the bullets rain
we be puttin em straight cause if you ain’t you don got into some sh-t
with the thuggish, ruggish bl–dy murda click

[chorus: krayzie bone 2x]
we can hit ’em in a minute, then be finished with ’em
hit ’em with the venom of a n-gg- with a sick-o flow

[lazie bone]
everywhere i look,
everywhere i turn,
n-gg-s talkin bout death.
like a n-gg- can’t dream of nuthin else,
but a lil bit of wealth.
tryin to help they self,
and i really can’t blame you,
cause i do the same too.
man do what you gotta do.
but what imma do is keep protectin my cheddar fool.
aint none of yall n-gg-s do it betta, oooh.
and im ahead of you and yall hate it,
only the real thugs keepin it raw.
grippin that heat tight,
livin that street life.
n-gg- imma let it fool round and get war.
n-gg-s is plottin that 2-11,
thats why i got heat for armageddon.
picture lay on his knees and i’m beggin,
n-gg- betta shoot me and send me to heaven.
f-ck all the drama, imma just blast,
hollow point tips off in that -ss.
tha slicka the n-gg-
thats pullin the trigga
is the n-gg- thats standin up last.
countin this cash,
still doin this mash.
blowin much weed
as we watch you bleed.
n-gg- got killed fo the love of the cheese.
now you cant do sh-t cause your 6 feet deep.
f-ckin with lay
is a game you shouldnt play,
even myself i could die today.
i could lie, but hey it aint worth it,
sh-t, aint none of us here to stay.
imma hold my ground,
and imma lace my boots.
so when its time to shoot, then thats it.
screamin out mo thug in this b-tch,
and bone thug in this b-tch

[chorus: krayzie bone 2x]
we can hit ’em in a minute, then be finished with ’em
hit ’em with the venom of a n-gg- with a sick-o flow

[bizzy bone]

little bizzy the kid
they better know what it is
and get a hold of your kids
you better put in your bid
you better put in your dibs
and never look into the criminal biz
you gotta be in it to win it
sinnin’ is treacherous and dangerous
but it ain’t with the program
and slow jam feelin’ that sh-t
feelin’ that sh-t
wheelin’ that wheel
feelin’ that sh-t
come in another respective
recollective were the past we missed it
my family, i’m left out on my d-mn knee
but i’ve got god
tell ’em better get up
‘fore they come and try to get ’em gotta pay them
when i’m on them on a mission better listen
p-ssed away, and that’s the way we play
n-gg- go, go grab your fo’-fo’
better go get ’em
criminal did ’em
one big fam, bam my man
you know that you got to feel ’em

[chorus: krayzie bone 2x]
we can hit ’em in a minute, then be finished with ’em
hit ’em with the venom of a n-gg- with a sick-o flow

[flesh n bone]
dun dun leavin’ the n-gg-s to c-ck it pop widda me gun
they know that me noddin’ they head off
and i gots to have me fun
leaving ’em hung, breakin’ fakin’
you studio gangsta b-tch trick
n-gg-s’ll get beat
i’m handlin’ the sh-t
and i split in the midst of the darkness,
consider me heartless, oh yes flesh be runnin’ a hoe check
betta check ya rolex,
ya timed now fa givin’ up respect
ta them s-c-ts from c-l-e the scandalous n-gg-s that dwell
h-ll offa the forscythe and bail,
leavin’ ah trail ah the boody victims
the fifth dog maulin’ and maulin’ neva them catch me slippin’
as if and if and they find
they may give me time instead ah me trippin’

[chorus: krayzie bone 2x]
we can hit ’em in a minute, then be finished with ’em
hit ’em with the venom of a n-gg- with a sick-o flow

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