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lirik lagu ​nigel the earth breather vs. lexton ⛧ – ​nigel & lexton ⛧


[verse 1: nigel32]
on this rap battle, i am going batsh*t
on my lakeyah, call me young and ratchet
my last rap battle was a f*cking smash hit
so beating up b*tches is now a f*cking habit
lexton, sounds like the name of someone s*xtin’
i know you got some dope b*tches that you textin’
i don’t know if you understand what i’m suggestin’
good rhymes from you is what i’m requestin’

[verse 2: lexton]
good rhymes from me, say less
idk why i’m battling a guy that’s b*tchless
got a new album out? i’m sleeping
you better listen when i’m speaking
earth breather? more like sh*t eater
i’m sh*tting on you, cus u look like a toilet
and u won’t find anyone triller than me
i get h*lla dope b*tches cus i’m h*lla lit
i’m gonna put a end to your hot streak
now go and cry like a baby

[verse 3: nigel32]
you took too long with that verse, coward
your raps look like a boring white dude, mike howard
i’m feeling super, i’m feeling quite empowered
and this experience for you i’m gonna make it soured
i’m gonna let you step down this last time
you can’t beat me, i’m already in my prime
you got dope b*tches, but no dope rhymes
now let me see you try to get this climb
[verse 4: lexton]
before looking at your bio, i thought u was a girl
cus u be talking like a straight b*tch
your rap battle league was flopping until i saved it
i gave u some clout so u won’t start crying
i’ll beat u for sure, i’m a barb k!ller
just like remy did nicki with shether
u feel super, u feel empowered? uhm, ok
b*tch go make me some dinner, i’m hungry & tired

[verse 5: nigel32]
i’m confused as h*ll, i thought you had bars?
for your rhymes, you need to do time and get hit by a car
straight b*tch? please, you just said i was b*tchless
this battle win for me will be a success!
i may be a barb, that’s why i got no frauds
when i walk in the room, everybody applauds
my flocabulary is expansive, wide, and broad
you need to study up, your grades just took a fall

[verse 6: lexton]
the more u rap, the more you embarrass yourself
my lines don’t rhyme, cus i’m not taking u serious
how f*cking longer this battle gonna go
it feels like i’m beating a dead horse
or a dead clown cus that’s what you are
just like nav, i get head outside of toys r
i f*cking hate casuals, i hate dumb f*cks
i really left you dumbfounded with my bars
[verse 7: nigel32]
dumbfounded? you’re the one who’s stupid
not taking this seriously? that’s quite toothless
we could end this right here, right now
but this horse is ready for another round?
how am i the clown when you got the makeup on?
call me nicki, b*tches like you are my sons
i’m out here, i’ve already has my fun
so tell me when you want this battle done

[verse 8: lexton]
you are so boring, giving me nothing to response
and the nerve to think u won, what the f*ck
nicki minaj is trash and so are you
you a walking l, u ain’t getting a w
you are out of my league and i’m outta this b*tch
it was a fun fight, for the effort i give you f

[outro: nigel32]
when all is said and done, who do you think won?