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lirik lagu nailing nightmares – asterion


towards the shadows that shred
to prove how time dies before our eyes
to feel the fading pulse of life
as it walks slowly to it’s pantheon

my mind seeks hopeless
some silence between the screams that are
ripped off from my throat as if they were
lightnings of a raging sky

every time the scars are open
we cherish our lost twilights
your blood in my tongue
a thousand spirals of exotic scents
artificial paradise
concubines dance for our desires
everlasting is our hate
as it mixes with the wind

evoke your madness
the black smoke will never let you breathe
this land is full of crows
they show us the great conspiracy

as we travel with our souls
along with their stone carved lovers
the ruins of unknown futures
bleed and weep under a striated sky

a secret is hidden
between endless nightmares
we cover our tears
with rain in the sand

nailing nightmares with my claws
on the womb of your memories
breeding insecure and warm sins
leave our eternal roots